TimeTopicFaculty SpeakerModerator
09:00 – 09:30Registration
09:30 – 09:35Welcome RemarksDr. Koichi Akashi
09:35 – 09:40Opening RemarksDr. Norio Komatsu
Basic Science of MPN
09:40 – 10:15Mutations in MPN: Hereditary Predispositions, Disease Initiators and Drivers of ProgressionDr. Robert Kralovics

Dr. Norio Komatsu  

Dr. Robert Kralovics 

10:15 – 10:40The Role of Wild and Mutant Calreticulin in HematopoiesisDr. Kazuya Shimoda
10:40 – 11:05Molecular Mechanisms Leading to the Development of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms by Mutant CalreticulinDr. Marito Araki
11:05 – 11:25The role of HMGA2 in MPNDr. Chih-Cheng Chen 
MPN Pathology
11:25 – 12:05New WHO Classification of Myeloproliferative NeoplasmsDr. Hans-Michael KvasnickaDr. Masafumi Ito
12:05 – 13:00Lunch
Hot Topic of MPN
13:00 – 13:35MPN Disease Burden: Lessons Learned from PatientsDr. Ruben MesaDr. Yuzuru Kanakura
Asian MPN Session
13:35 – 13:55Childhood Myeloproliferative NeoplasmsDr. Jong Jin Seo

Dr. Keita Kirito

Dr. Dong-Tsamn Lin

13:55 – 14:15Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Primary Myelofibrosis in Japan: A Report of a Nationwide Survey from 1999 to 2015Dr. Katsuto Takenaka
14:15 – 14:35Primary Myelofibrosis in TaiwanDr. Lee-Yung Shih
14:35 – 14:55Chronic Neutrophilic Leukemia: Experience from ChinaDr. Qian Jiang
14:55 – 15:15Coffee Break
IFN Renaissance
15:15 – 15:40IFN Treatment for PVDr. Richard Silver

Dr. Jean-Jacques Kiladjian

Dr. Srdan Verstovsek 

15:40 – 16:00Long Term Results of Peg-IFN Therapy in PV and ETDr. Srdan Verstovsek
16:00– 16:20Results of the PROUD-PV StudyDr. Heinz Gisslinger
16:20 – 16:40Molecular Landscape of MPN: Influence on Response to Therapy and Evolution Under Treatment with Interferon AlphaDr. Bruno Cassinat
16:40 – 17:00Can We Alter MPN Evolution with IFN Therapy?Dr. Jean-Jacques Kiladjian
17:00 – 17:20New Antiviral Mechanism of Interferon on Hepatitis B virusDr. Pei-Jer Chen 
Panel Discussion
17:20 – 17:45Chair: Dr. Jean-Jacques Kiladjian & Dr. Srdan Verstovsek 
17:45 – 17:50Closing RemarksDr. Kazuya Shimoda